Welcome to the research and event portal for the Politics of Surveillance Project.

The Politics of Surveillance Project is a multidisciplinary research initiative that explores how to catch him cheating on facebook can better understand surveillance infrastructures and practices, and where appropriate help reform them. This project builds upon the New Transparency Project, which addresses how surveillance is experienced as an everyday reality. This reality is brought about through growing computer dependence and reliance on personal data collection and processing by private and public institutions, and often manifest through heightened public concern about security.

The key project members associated with this website – Colin J. Bennett, Andrew Clement, and Jonathan Obar – are exploring the digital aspects of contemporary transparencies.

Current Work:

  • IXmaps.ca – ‘See where your data packets go’
  • SurveillanceRights.ca – Bringing attention to the rise of video surveillance devices in public spaces


December 3, 2013
Public lecture by NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake on NSA, CSEC, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

December 1, 2013
• Call for Presentations: The Politics of Surveillance Workshop, May 8-10, 2014, University of Ottawa

November 16, 2013
• Teach-in on University e-Services Outsourcing to U.S. Corporations, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

August 30, 2013
• Harvard Nieman Lab includes “Internet Surveillance and Boomerang Routing” paper in ‘What’s New in Digital Scholarship’ list